Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Please read our Terms And Conditions below prior to booking any course. All bookings are accepted on the strict understanding that you have read, understood and accepted our terms and conditions

  All driving lessons and courses booked with Wheely Good Driving School,  are under the provision that you understand you are forming a contract between yourself and the instructor,  in regards to the delivery of the course and its hours. The instructor is one of our self-employed franchisees. Any balance payment dispute, claim or discussion, regarding tuition, course hours or any other issues should, therefore, be taken up with the instructor. Wheely Good Driving School cannot be held liable for any compensation claim, nor can it be held responsible for any traffic law violation on the part of either instructor or the student.

Terms & Conditions.

All Intensive driving courses include the time required for taking your practical test and drive home at the end of the course. Each course is for the total amount of hours booked only. Extra hours can be booked if needed but for an extra hourly cost.

All special offers, courses and driving lesson prices may be subject to change without notice.

The prices quoted on the course guide include the weekday practical test fee, which we book and organise for you. The cost of your theory test is £35 extra.

If your instructor feels that you are not ready to take your practical driving test at the end of the course, due to safety reasons, then you the pupil will not be allowed to take your driving test. If this is the case you will lose your test fee and will not be offered a refund of any unused hours or any deposit or test fees.

 In the unlikely event, we fail to allocate an instructor for your desired start date or the alternative start date you provide, you will be informed of this and you will be entitled to request a refund. If you wish to obtain a deposit refund because we cannot fulfill your original provisional start date, you would need to inform us immediately at the point we make you aware, otherwise, we will continue to try and allocate the course for the next available date. If an instructor makes contact with you and you agree on a schedule for any following week, the deposit would become non-refundable as the course is successfully booked in. The reason that we cannot refund a deposit once it is allocated is that driving instructors are self-employed and cancellation of the course leaves the driving instructor without any income for that week once we have already reserved them for you as requested on booking. Courses may be rescheduled for a later date that you can attend at the driving instructor’s discretion.

We cannot rearrange a course once you have agreed the times with the driving instructor at short notice.

All deposits paid are non-refundable if the course is cancelled by the pupil once an instructor has been reserved.

you have a period of 14 days from the day after the payment date in which you are entitled to request a refund, however, you waive the right to the 14-day cooling-off period if you have booked a course to start within this period, meaning that lessons will be arranged within this period and tests that need booking will also likely to be in this period. You have the choice to book for a later date to give yourself 14 days to think about it, but if you choose to start within the next 14 days, you have entered the contract early which means we are entitled to refuse any refund. 

 If the theory certificate is expiring and the pupil is unable to sit a practical driving test before the expiration of the theory certificate, then we will be able to book you a new theory test, however, the deposit is non-refundable but the new theory test booking will enable you to continue and complete the driving course.

Wheely Good driving school acts solely as a booking and administrative agent for driving instructors and schools. They are subcontracted with our driving school to provide an intensive driving course, we provide the administration required for the subcontracted driving instructors. This means that we do not provide any driving courses ourselves and we undertake all our activities on behalf of the individual driving schools or driving instructors. We are paid commission off the customer who books the course for successful bookings.

A ‘successful booking’ is when we allocate an ADI and the Instructor and pupil agree to begin the driving course.

A practical driving test cannot be booked until the pupil has successfully passed the theory test and we have been informed of the theory pass number.

Practical test availability is subject to tests made available by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA). All attempts will be made by us to secure a practical test local to the pupil, however, the instructor reserves the right to choose any test centre they deem appropriate for the pupil. If no test slots become available for the final day of your course then you may save a few hours and return another following week to take your test, once a suitable test slot has been found. Test centres may be closed on weekends and bank holidays. We cannot guarantee a test for any specific day but normally get one at the end of your course week or early the week after if the test centre is fully operational. Please be aware this may require more of your time to complete the driving course at a later date than you originally planned.

The initial part of the payment (the deposit ) for the course is payable on booking a course to Wheely Good driving school, which is for booking the appropriate tests in advance, searching and reserving you a local driving instructor and for the ongoing administration required. The deposit is not the full balance and is in part commission for wheely good driving school for providing these services.

The remaining balance of any course is payable directly to the subcontracted driving instructor who is teaching you and is for the lesson fees.

Failure to be able to pay for the course remaining balance on the first lesson or when requested will result in immediate course cancellation, you will lose the deposit paid.

If we cannot allocate you an instructor we will inform you before the driving course is due to begin. At this point, you may request a refund of the deposit or we will continue to try and allocate your driving course for the next available date.

In the unlikely event of the instructor’s vehicle breaking down during the course, a refund of the outstanding lesson time and outstanding test fees will be made if an alternative instructor cannot be arranged.

Wheely good driving school and your driving instructor cannot be held liable for any losses resulting in course cancellation or test cancellation due to any of the following reasons – driving course or driving test cancellation due to bad weather, for example, snow or ice, examiner illness, examiner strike, instructor illness, vehicle breakdown & sudden product recall on vehicles. Where possible your instructor will arrange another date to finish the course off in the event of any of the above scenarios.

You must hold a valid UK provisional driving licence and present it to your Driving Instructor at the start of your first lesson. In making this booking,
you confirm that you do hold a valid provisional driving licence. You must bring your licence with you to all your Lessons and Tests.
Failure to do so will result in the Lesson and/or Test being cancelled without a refund.

Before you can start the driving lessons you must demonstrate that your eyesight is good enough to be able to drive safely.
You do this by reading a car number plate of the old style from a minimum distance of 20.5 metres (approximately 67 feet). If reading a new style car number plate (these letters are narrower) you must be able to read it from a minimum distance of 20 metres (approximately 66 feet).
This will normally be conducted by your driving instructor on the first lesson, should you fail the eyesight check the course would have to be abandoned until you have corrected your eyesight.
Any agreed hours booked in with the instructor would be lost.

It is the student’s responsibility to notify Wheely good Driving School of the following when making a booking:-

You are able to satisfy the driving test eyesight requirements; you can read a number plate from a required distance.

You satisfy the DVSA requirements regarding residency and eligibility requirements. 

You fill out the booking form correctly so that we can carry out our administration duties. 

your driver number.
your theory certificate number & date passed
your pickup address if different to home address
any unavailable dates and/or times.
any special requirements.
any medical condition
any condition which could affect the driving course.
any condition which could affect the driving test.
dates of any tests already booked which would conflict with the course you are booking.

If you choose to commence your course in a manual car, you will have to complete the course, as the instructor has allocated his time for you. You will not be able to change to an automatic.

You must not be under the influence of drink or drugs at any time during your course. If we suspect or detect any sign of this, the remainder of the course will be terminated and you will lose all fees paid, both the deposit and any lesson fees paid to your instructor. 

A professional approach is required by the pupil and no abusive behaviour towards the instructor will be tolerated. The course will be terminated and any monies paid will be forfeited in such an event. 

Please do not book time off work until you have spoken to your appointed instructor and discussed and confirmed your schedule.

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